Anna Cusack


As you plan to welcome your baby, or go about supporting the little people in your life, I want to applaud you for taking the time to consider the most important person of all: you!

Sometimes it feels like postpartum is all about the baby, yet when you are the star of the show, your baby will thrive. 

The same goes if your babies aren't such babies any more! The health of our communities depends on mothers, parents and caregivers, all of whom have their own unique needs.

I like to think of myself as being part of a Motherhood Revolution!

I am a Postpartum Doula, Certified Motherhood Studies Practitioner, Author, Podcaster, and of course, a Mother. With a postgraduate degree in physiology (how the body works) and keen eye for how our social structures and systems influence our lived experience, I am uniquely placed to understand, explain, support and mentor women in pregnancy, post-birth and early parenthood.


Join me to:

  • Make a solid plan for a calm and joyful postpartum in a private consultation.

  • Get the hands-on help you need to truly enjoy your time as a newborn mother.

  • Experience the support of mama mentoring during your early years of parenting and matrescence (that's a fancy way of saying "the transition to motherhood").

  • Read my book! "Mama, You're Not Broken: Unmasking the Unspoken Emotions of Modern Motherhood" will be medicine for any modern mama's soul (you can also listen to the audiobook version on my podcast). 

  • Listen to eye-opening and inspiring conversations with mothers and change-makers on my podcast or cast an eye over my blog.

  • Be part of the conversation on Facebook or Instagram.


That's right, "Mama, You're Not Broken" is available now, worldwide in paperback and eBook formats.

Buy it here.

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  • Anna Cusack

    “Motherhood can be hard and isolating, even without a pandemic. Anna’s encouragement and support to honour my own physical and emotional needs has been so valuable, which in turn makes me feel better able to look after my babies.”

    Mum of two

I would like to pay respect to the Awabakal people as the rightful and Traditional Custodians of the land on which I live and work. I pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging, and acknowledge the enduring connections of all First Nations peoples to the earth, water and skies.